Book review

What i think of jen sincero’s book, You are a badass how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awsome life.

You are a badass is the self-help book for people who desperately want to improve their lives, but dont want to get busted doing it.Its whta’s book saying for me, it’s a window to see yourself in a diffirent way it’s an opportunity to remaind yourself how great you are, and what you are able to do.And it’s explain our relationship with so many things like fear, and how our enviromment can’t be supportive some times.Jen sincero talked about things to improve our lives about how the big snooze or drama could stop us to not see the bright side of us, beside not to care about what othres thinks of us.And how to let go… She wasn’t only talking with those people who underestimate theirselves or their greatness, and those who try to improve their lives for making it better.The book is for everyone if you think that your life is cool you have to read it too.The most things i loved is how jen sincero share her little stories and the way she learned from them also the she talk to the readers for example:

„ÄäSo if you finally decide to quit your soul-crushing job and start the pastry shop of your dreams, be not upset if a track drive through your front window into your scones.Instead of taking this as sign that you shouldn’t have opened your shop take it to mean taht you’re ridding yourself of your big snooze and moving in the right diriction„Äč.

The main idea is that you deserve a better life even if you are doing the best of you deserve more.and it’s a source of inspiration to try new things.Jen sincero suggest five part with twenty-seven chapitre to reach the glorious life and to find your inner badass and let it shine.
My favorite quote in the book are:

  • If you want to live a life that you never lived you have to do things you never done.
  • Its not your fault that you’re fucked up.Its your fault if you stay fucked up…
  • What comes out of your mouth comes into your life..

For the ones who like the audiobooks its available in youtube here is the link:


Get inspired and break your rules by 6 rules (arnold schwarzenegger)

  • „Ää You can’t do it,
  • Its not for you,
  • Your project is doomed to failure,
  • It doesn’t matter to try,
  • Its not for you,
  • You are too shy,
  • Looooser
  • Not so pretty…„Äč

You will hear these things for sure we are surrounded by people and some of them aren’t so supportive and sometime their words can turn our to be real daggers and if you are not moving on you can’t win. The secret is only to stop hearing what they are saying and keep beliving on yourself and you will.Arnold Schwarzenegger The majority of the world knows this actor but many people don’t know that he is also a businessman. He was already a millionaire at the age of 22 even before he had collected several million dollars thanks to his films.Arnold shares six secrets of his success secret rules you may get inspired by oneRule n¬ļ1 belive on yourself no matter what others may think Believe in your abilities, your talents in your courage. Allowd yourself to be marvelous be the one you want to be. Rule n¬ļ2 Breaking the rules. We have so many rules in life. I say I’m breaking the rules. Not the law, but break the rules.Think for yourself, act for yourself, do not be afraid to be different, believe that your path is the right one, do not be afraid to believe what you are, you are not forced to enter a mold, make your own way. Rule n¬ļ3 Do not be afraid to fail. I was always ready to fail in all that I could undertake. You can not be paralyzed by the fear of failure or you will never be able to surpass yourself. If you continue to exceed yourself because you believe in yourself and your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do then success will come. So do not be afraid to fail. Thomas Edison“I did not fail. I simply found 10,000 solutions that did not work. “Testing is a part of life, behind every failure there is a strength and always the courage to have taken the risk to take action, and so many experiences that helps you to grow. Rule n¬ļ4 Do not listen to negative people. How many times have you heard that you cannot do this or that because it has never been done before? I love it when someone tells me that no one has ever done that before because it means I’m the first. So do not pay attention to people who say this can not be done.Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you to achieve your goals.Rule n¬ļ5 Work tirelessly. You do not want to fail because you have not worked hard enough. I never wanted to lose a competition or lose an election for not working hard enough. I have always believed that no stone should ever be left unturned.

Mohammed Ali, one of my great heroes, gave a great response in the 1970s when he was asked, “How many sit-upsdo you do? He replied, “I do not count my sit-ups. I only start counting when the pain sets in because it is only at that time that it really matters. “. That’s what makes you a champion. And that’s the attitude to keep all the time.

Rule n¬ļ6 Give something back. Whatever path you take in your life, you must always find time to give something new to your community, your state or your country. Here are the 6 rules of success, Mandela said „Ää I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to defeat it„Äč.So, do you dare to vote for your heart to break the rules without worrying about what others will think. One of the biggest regrets of people at the end of their lives is that they didn’t had the courage to live their lives in accordance with what they really want. (By.S)

Zen attitude

Keep calm & meditate 

As human being our minds think of everthing in every single moment and sometimes the stress and the anxiety and pain ect controle us and our minds cant get over these toughts that’s why meditation is a daily practice which could help us to face these feelings and have some peace inside.

So meditation is a practice helping to incrase your awarness by relaxing your body in a good position quiting your mind by breathing and awaking the spirit by having some blank space inside for few minuts beside it has so many benifits like reducing depression and anxiety improve concentration makes you happier and even more it helps to normalize blood preasure

When you meditate you are awake but your mind is not focusing on what’s going on around for a while

here’s a link to know more about meditation meaning i’m not professional at this as i told you before i only share my little experience

For position and types of meditation they are so many you only have to find the best way and technique for you for me right now i practice the guided meditation in lotus position or “padmasana ” which means setting cross legs it’s easy after gettig used to it and here’s a little trick that i do i put a pillow behind my back to feel comfortable and staying relaxed during meditation

I can’t talk about meditation without talking about the chakra which is a great thing by the way i’m still learning about them it exist 7 chakra in our bodies and chakra means the energy’s centre they are located on the spine and they are invisible my goal is to reach them and i will talk about them in a new article.



Food ha¬° boring some of you will say this, i know, i know but we are food lovers and for me food its not only eating its an art its the world and good vibes too so today we will talk about how food can be part of our daily motivation and you will see how food is cool.

I used to be a lover of junk and fast food and i also used to take 4 meals at once and i could taste everything in the fridge in one day But i was lazy most of time and it wasn’t helping me at all everyday i wake up i just say i will take anything just to not feel hungry or any thing because i’m late that’s way today we will talk about having good eating habits.

If you want a fresh morning start from the night before that’s why you have to put some fruits and a cup of water before yo go to bed to start your morning with eating a fruit after waking up is motivating and its also good to start a good day every time i do it feel proud of myself and want to do more good stuff for the rest of the day.
After that its better to take a nice breakfast because you will feel hungry in few minuts for sure one of my best breakfast are these banana oat pancakes and it helps to not feel hungry untill lunch and its yummy too.

Moving to lunch and dinner there are so many ideas to enjoy your meal like adding some spicy flavors or bring the world to your kitchen and the most important is to have a balanced dish in every meal

you can also try good combinisation of what you love food has no rules and no limites be creative and make your own recipie make combinisations with things you love.

Right now you have to think about your eating habits and i’m sure that you can do it very well to be successful start with little things like this and have some good news for you guys we decided to share ideas about homemade and healthy food also easy yummi ideas for your lunchbox if you want to stop the junk food stay tuned every monday and i hope you like it.

Eating is a need enjoying is an art.


Improve your life quality 

We all wish to have happy and healthy life full of love and peace and everyday we wake up we do our best to realise these things so today we will give you 10 tips which could help you to improve your life’s quality .

  1. Set your goals: knowning what we want is one of the important thing for raising our lives but we always forget to correct those little mistakes which we are making in the present for example when we decide to wake up early without getting to bad early too like this things will go wrong.
  2. Do new activites: when i say new it doesn’t mean expensive to make you happy it can be learning a new art or start to eat clean or have new friends save a few cents every week to give to a homeless or anything could make you proud of yourself is going to make you happy.
  3. Get to know your negative points: we are not so proud of those negative points and we keep hiding them from the world its time to erase them by putting some good habits.
  4. Its all about you: if you wait the world to be a part of your life your life wont be better there’s only you forget the outside and focus on the one inside you.
  5. Move on: Practice some yoga or exercise or meditate improve your body and mind and soul and you will be much happier
  6. Past,Present or futur: if you are one of those who keep attached to their past stop doing it and if you think so mush about your futur you are wasting your time and if you live only the moment without taking care about past our futur that’s not working too have a combinisation between these three learn from the past live the present for a good futur.
  7. Improving your contribution skills is a part of improving your life: A smile or few cents or giving a hand to an old man/women say hey to your neighber wishing the best to your familly and friends could make your life better stop being rude and show up your bright side.
  8. Life is better when your sun is rising : for me even the negative things has a positive part always look for positive and keep your good vibes when you train yourself to see the rainbow after rain you will have a good life.
  9. Take care of yourself: love yourself and you will have a life full of love.
  10. Forgive and forget: when you forgive you let things go when you forget you move on and when you keep it inside you live with so much pain.

Fear does not stop death, it stops life.

My last article ended with find a partner to keep motivation because being in a team will be easy to keep forward, So i’m in a team right now and i will work on this blog with my partner if there’s “two broke girls” who try to be rich we are the “two blog girls” and we’ll share our ideas and threw happiness and motivation all around.

Get to know us: We may have a difirent lifestyle but we belive that we are the ones who decide to be happy or not and we share the same large dose of energy and motivation for

Me: it’s all our heads all we need is to reach it and let it rock in real life.

Her: travel everyday in her mind to find happiness…

Those quotes we wrote them on our instagram and they are a part of what we belive.

I’m speaking too much i supposed to talk about fear but if i didnt face my fear i wouldnt find a partner or create this blog and share it with you and i would like to thanks you and i want to say thank you to the ones who find that i should keep on it and never give up on this.

Back to fear it has two meaning run away or face something to make it real

For me i was running from what i want i was scared of small things like official calls everytime i have to make one of these calls i get nervous and every time i give them an adress which doesn’t exist or saying my last name instead of my first and everytime i have to make these calls i just say ok its not important or i dont need to do this or i can do it tomorrow but i dont and i forget about it

Fear can be small things which block us everytime to move on and make the next step or it can be a big things like not moving because you are scared of the unknown but its still the wall the box where you lock yourself.

The first thing i realized dont get nervous about things if you are sure that its what you want just do it without thinking about the judgements and think only about positive results do it because you want to do it.

When you get scared about something avoid saying no i’m not capable to move on and make the first step and never mind if you lose being a big winner is learning from your fails dont give up be a fighter and have faith that’s the secret

Learn more about what you want to do improve yourself belive on yourself and dont forget hard work reduce the fear if you are not doing those things you dont have the right to say i’m scared

Here are some techniques to get over the fear is part of succes so dont use it as a block.

  • Take a deep breath
  • Meditate
  • Think out your comfort zone
  • Get motivate about what you want to do.

Finally i want to say that fear is part of succes when you dont exaggerate and make it difficulte.


My demons (old bad habits) are haunting me.

In few days i start to go back to the old habits and my mind start to be lazy again enjoying doing nothing then i start telling ¬†myself okay dont waste your time to write articles nobody is reading but i promised myself to post an article every saturday i have to keep my promise and i love writing and sharing my little experience with the world which is important to me i’m trying so hard to not to let this just go and back to the old habits and i want to share with you guys some of my tools:

♡ Wake up every morning like is the first    day where you start to change.

♡Make a list with your goals and stick it      where you can see it.

♡Our selfphones are part of our lives    make your phone one of your tools to  make the change. And i suggest two  applications:

♡Meditation:meditation is one of the best  things which going to help you to focus  and keep your energy positive and this  app helped  me to learn the basics to  meditate  Zenfie:

‚ô°Listen to music with good messages or ¬†natural music and avoid the sad music ¬†and sia’s songs are very helping for feeling ¬†the energy especially Unstoppable for me it works

‚ô°Read books about self developement in ¬†this periode i’m reading you are a badass ¬†how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awsome life by jen senciro and the only thing i could say about this ¬†book is a treasure

‚ô°Find a partner find a friend for ¬†challenges or a groupe trust me its more ¬†easy when you’re in a team.

That’s it those thing are helping me for keeping forward i hope that i helped and let’s kill the demon.