Pocket snack, oatmeal balls.

In one of my old writing, i said that i will share some food ideas. And i stopped, because i was like food ideas are everywher, it will be just wasting of time. And after a long disscussion with myself i said it will be nice to share easy yummi ideas, and i hope you like it.

in these days i figured out that everytime i go out i get hungry, and i have to buy some junk stuff to eat. It’s true that i’m not 100% clean food but i try to do my best. Because i spend most of my time out of my town, and i stay at home only for the weekend. So yesterday i did this oatmeal balls.

All you gonna need is:

Some oatmeal depending on how many ball you want to make for me i used:

6 big spoons of oatmeal.

1 teaspoon almond butter.

1 egg (i finished by using only one)

some dried grapes.

and 3 dates mixed on some hot water.

so i just mixed them all and enjoyed making some small balls to the oven.

TADAA! my 15 min pocket snack was ready and i really enjoyed it outside you can do your own mix, food has no limites.