What i think of jen sincero’s book, You are a badass how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awsome life.

You are a badass is the self-help book for people who desperately want to improve their lives, but dont want to get busted doing it.Its whta’s book saying for me, it’s a window to see yourself in a diffirent way it’s an opportunity to remaind yourself how great you are, and what you are able […]

Loading some fresh air (trip to the moroccan saphir chefchaouen city)

Let us continue in the series of serenity and well being. Sometimes we need to change the air and to be by ourselves to bring new ideas and plans to ourlives. The routine, bottling and pollution … all these indicators can ruin your daily life and it will absolutely have to leave a margin for our […]

Get inspired and break your rules by 6 rules (arnold schwarzenegger)

《 You can’t do it,  Its not for you,  Your project is doomed to failure, It doesn’t matter to try, Its not for you, You are too shy, Looooser  Not so pretty…》 You will hear these things for sure we are surrounded by people and some of them aren’t so supportive and sometime their words […]