One of the things that used to destroyed me, was been rejected all the time, it always make me feel like I’m useless and I have no Skills.

The truth of been not accepted in some periods of my life has affected on my personality development.

I become a shy person, and I could not talk in public or express myself, because i used to have the idea that I’m a person without any skills.

Working on knowing myself better and reading about others experiences helped me to improve my self-esteem.

in every success story there is rejection, and lot people who don’t believe in that person but he/she keep believing in his idea (dream) until he/she make it true.

I’ve learned a life lesson, been not accepted in whatever, means actually that there is maybe something in the way you are making things 90% of people can’t rejecte you for no reason there is nothing personal, it means that there is something wrong with the way you doing it.

I know that it’s hard sometimes and it can lead to depression, we are human beings and for developing our personality we needs to improve the feeling of generativity as Erikson psychologist and psychoanalyst (1958, 1963) mention in his theory, to get results we have to build a healthy personality first we have to improve 8 stages of personality development in every period of our lives, generativity is the feeling that we improve when we are useful and we give something to the next generation and to the society and it’s one of the steps of the personality development or we’re getting into stagnation.

More details about Erikson’s theory

I know that most of us want to left something good after his life somethings that make others always remind him.

P.s: Raising good kids. Can be a part of improving our generativity.

If you are rejected don’t think that is the end of the world, think that you need to work more on yourself, you need to improve your skills and get more informations about what you want to achieve you are the reason why you are not moving forward, understand why you are in this situation first and what you must do and let the time lead you after.



Let’s say you are in front of two doors, the first one is leading to money and power in condition to spend all your life without love of family, the second one you will get all the love that you want and you will live happy forever after, what is your choice? And what is the decision that you are ready to make?

If everyone take this seriously and give it 20 second to think about what is the choice that he/she should make, I’m sure that some of you will pick the first door and others the second one, and they are who could be stuck between both choices and don’t make any decision.

Or maybe this example won’t interest you, but decisions are part of our lives because we chose how to be and what we decided to be now is a result of many choices, also sometimes we stand in front of a problem and to get it over it we need to decide.

What does decision-making means?

Is cognitive process which means a mental or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought. Experience and sense.

Experience: It’s when we use all our brain information for making a good decision.

Sense: is the opposite, it’s when we count on our feelings and heart to deciding.

For good choices and to decide we need information without ignoring the way we feel about them because the logic of taking a choice is gathering the brain and the heart.

I know that I talked only about brain and heart and I forgot about not deciding and keep watching because we are afraid of the unknown, in this case all I want to say is

‘’Results of not deciding are worse than making the worst decision”.

To avoid the worst decision and finding the right choices we need to be smart and find the problem because before looking for the choices we need to be able to analyze the problem first.

Besides being able to evaluate all the choices and have the capacity to pick the best one.

At the end no matter what is the choice you will make remember there is no good or bad decision, there is what you are believing on and what you thinking of and it can’t be 100% right or 100% wrong, also making a decision can’t be the end of everything and happy life after, after making that step you will need to be sure and careful because life is full of choices and we always need to decide to continue.


Passion has no generation.

One of the best things which happened to me these days is meeting an old man named jean GabrielHe’s 80 years old or even more, one of the things that I love in jean Gabriel is that he never gives up he’s passion. and he still making he’s dreams comes true.Jean is a lucky man he had the chance to travel the world when he was very young I’m sharing he’s story because he is the real example for the thing that you are doing with love is the thing that last for life.In he’s first trip in 1950 to Ibiza where the story began, by metting 4 beautiful ladies, he said that they had fun together and once he comes back to Paris he couldn’t forget their beautiful faces and he bought a camera and he went back to take a picture.Than jean Gabriel started he’s adventure traveling and taking pictures of beautiful ladies and beautiful places.Until he met a man who just got impressed by what he’s doing and the man said that he wants him to travel for him for an exhibition, it’s where her career started,I had the chance to see only three pictures of he’s pictures the first and the last and the best one that he took all he’s liveNow jean Gabriel can’t travel anymore it sound sad but I don’t see that because he didn’t gives up what he loves and he found a way to keep his spirit alive now he’s working on a book where he draws all he’s memories it’s been four years know where he started working on it, and trust me he tells very beautiful stories.Spending an hour in his room is infinity joy, I always feel joy in spending time with him and he has the pleasure to share he’s story he believes that the only thing he can do is sharing this goodness as he called it.If I’m sharing this today, it’s because I know the feeling abou doing things with heart, I know how is the feeling when we realize our biggest dreams, and I know that what we are doing today will be the only thing we keep when we aren’t able to do anythinh anymore, I believe that making dreams comes true today is sharing happiness tomorrow.Thank you jean Gabriel boucheaud.

Book review

What i know for sure by Oprah winfrey (book review).

I guess everyone know Oprah, she’s a talk show host, actress and producer. And I’m sure that everyone heard about “The oprah winfrey show”.Oprah represent the successful powerful, and the brave women, she is one of the women who made everything from nothing, she’s one of the person who always care about self-improvement, literature and spirituality. I’m not here to talk about how great she is, but to talk about her book “What I know for sure”.This book was one of the books that I wanted always to read, something in the title made me curious about what oprah does know for sure, I mean what a person like her knows for sure, what she could learn, and how she become who she is after everything, what I knew for sure that all the answers to my questions are there in the book.It’s a book where everyone could have a new vision to life, a totally different vision than what you think of life especially if you had enough of everything, for me the book is a break which take you somewhere else and brings you back with new faith and hope to keep forward.The funniest thing is the book has no summary on the back but once you see the author’s name, you don’t care about it. Also I loved how Oprah end’s her book with a quote “I know for sure: Your journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully.” Oprah winferyI knew that Oprah was smarter than writing a summary only for her book and she did a summary for whole life, the first time I heard the sentence what I know for sure was on her last episode from her show saying that what she knows for sure we all are called, everybody has a calling, and your job in life is to figure out what that is and get about the business of doing it.I believe that everyone in life has a message and a mission to do and it is why we are different, but they are things in common in this word and once we keep them we are in the right way to do what we want.The first chapter of the book started with “Joy” and the last one is “Power”, and between these two chapters you will find “. Connection, gratitude, Awe, clarity…”And I loved the order of the book, I think that best decisions in life start with a joy and they must end up as a power, and between them is the way to be powerful.If I could say something about this book it’s a life lesson where we should learn to be generous with ourselves and others, and share what we have with the world also it’s about appreciating what we have and who we are. And keep being positive about ourselves and others.My favorite parts are where Oprah said:

  • Life is full of delightfull treasures, if we take a moment to appreciate them.
  • I know for sure that i don’t want to live a shut down life–desensitized to feeling and see i want every day to be a fresh start on expanding what possible.
  • You don’t have to waste an other day on that road. You can begin again
  • ….

trip without a ticket.

It’s been a long time i know, but i had to take a break. Taking a break is not giving up. it’s giving the chance to other things and finding yourself more.

This article will not be different than my old ones, it will be one of the articles to refresh our energy and soul.

The idea is to share my way to get over the stress.

It’s been two years now for me in paris, at the first time i thought that i don’t belong to this city. It’s just too big for a small town girl, and i wasn’t born for big cities. I had too mush stress because i don’t want to give the city a chance and i don’t want to be part of it. And it’s turned to a sort of depression until the day where i needed to get some air i just walked until i got down, i was impressing about how paris is part of heaven.

How the cold weather is unique even without the sun, also the old doors can take you to a spiritual world and peaceful mind. You know what is the most beautiful thing in paris, it’s when things goes wrong and you’re upset in the subway, until an old man come with his old saxophone and play italian music to remind you to slow down and nothing deserve to be mad about, i may be lucky, but it’s not about paris or about anywhere it’s about ourselves, every city has something special, you have something special, you just need to give yourself the chance to see the special things. That’s why i invited you to take a day and make your trip without a ticket, enjoy what your city or town has the mountain, the sea, the buildings… be a tourist in your town make happiness for yourself and take deep breath nothing deserve.

You only live once (YOLO).

If you want to make it crazy, try the local food even if you know how it taste. Make your heart love where you are, and who you are. Be greatful for what you have life is easy and beautiful.

Love yourself unless you have better idea

Jen sincero.


8 March for life.

I never thought that i will be talking about an event like this one, i avoid talking about so many, but this one is bigger than me, I couldn’t stop myself.

women’s day is one of my messages, I want it to be everyday. Every women has the right to make the whole year her day, we have the right to be who we want,to dream big, and live the life that we want. and we have to love ourselves as women.

it’s true that my message is motivating people to find their voices, to think out of the box and never go back into it. What i’m trying to do here in “stayzenweb” is using my words (my passion) to share my good vibes i believe in what i’m doing, and i do it with love, and i want to see the passion in the eyes of everyone else.

As a women and a young mother, i know that it’s not easy to find who we are. With all the stress and the routine.

I have big dreams and i dont want them to stop right here, i dont want to let the routine drag me down it’s true that sometimes we have to go slow but we only have to believe that we are going to achieve it.

Naming my blog Stayzenweb wasn’t by coincidence. It’s something that means a lot to me, we all want to keep it zen, with all the stress. And to stay zen your life should have a meaning, and to have a meaning you should know who you are, and for knowing who you are you have to supercharge your life and make it productive, and the most important is to love yourself.

i’m writing this because i know so many women who think that they can’t live their lives as they want it, because of their family or children, they think of them as an obstacle. Or they can’t find time to do what they love, and what make them happy. Or simply they don’t know it yet. i know that the routine could kill us, and i know passion is bigger than routine.

like so many women in the world i wish

  • the discrimination to stop.
  • I wish the violence stop against girls and women.
  • i wish to see more women leads.
  • i wish every girl to get a very good education in the whole world

being a women is being powerful, and to be a super women you have to get inspired by other women i always being inspired by:

Oprah winfray: she’s one of the women who could talk to millions hearts around the world, with her way to see life, watching oprah on a Tv show is watching joy, gratitude and life love. I think it what every women need in this world.

Rim banna: she’s a palestinian singer, music writer. She faced breast cancer twice, and she used this to help women to get over their fear, and stop the depression which associate the cancer. When i listen to rim’s song i feel the love and the courage.

Malala yousafzai: a young pakistani girl who become an advocate for girls education. While she was threatened with death reading malala’s quote is feeling the power and the futur that we want to be.

Women’s day is only one day, and being a women is for life. i belive that there is no power compear to the women’s power, we are the daughter, the sister, mother and school to our children but i know that its time for every women in the whole world to get all her rights it’s not enough to just celebrate only the achievement of some women there are so many who need their rights.


Get it done (productive = successful)

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Bruce lee

Being busy could be doing nothing in real life. Only thinking about it. It may happens sometimes, and it’s totaly okay, we only have to back on track soon. Or when we try to impress others by showing how busy and successful we are, in this case you will get tired and fall down in few weeks.

being productive, is a way to be successful. The question is how?

That was the question that used to come to my head, and now i will share some answers.

    First thing, you have to learn to write everything comes to your head:

    when you hold a pen, your brain automatically is going to to find something to solve the situation. Getting used to write is having more creativity. I know that we are all diffirent some of us dont like to plan their lives they think that is just waste of time, and nobody knows what comes to our lives. But it’s not exactly planning, it’s a kind of filtering your ideas and make them clear to you. It’s kind of observation to your progress.

    ~ Some ways which going to let you plan to be productive.

    Using our phones as a planner is the best idea you can have. This time i will suggest a very helpful app to stay productive. If you are kind of person who doesn’t like using the bullet journal or to-do list:

    Google calender its very good if you want a reminder to your events or adding some personal goals. Beside there’s a lot option in this app too:

    To-do list is something that i don’t use usually. I think i dont need to set a to-do list for cleaning or something like this. It’s true that i need it sometimes when i try to do everything but i finish by doing nothing. It is very helping when i get lost sometimes, and it is helping if you want to start something.

    The third one is what I’m trying these days, it’s a planner where i note everything. my very small goals to see how I’m progressing it’s kind of handmade board, where i write every goal i done and at the end of the month i will see if i need to work on myself more or its okay. And i will share it with you for sure.

    But Success what does really mean?

    If you look for definition, you will absolutely find that success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

    it’s when you decide what to do with your life. And how you chose to deal with it. It’s when you know the way to be proud of yourself. and when you fix some personal goals and never stop until you get the result that you are looking for. It’s a life routine that turn to a habit with time

    It’s based on:

    Achievement: doing things with skill by effort and courage is to accomplish a task very well.

    Progressing : success is a result of actions, is an accomplishment of a serie of actions.

    Personal goals: are built targets that you want to reach.

    predetermination: success is not by coincidence, it takes lot of hard work and time, it’s when you go carefully and slowly.

    Being successful to me is when you know what you really want. When you love yourself and have faith in something. It’s not hard, it’s only take time but with love and faith, you can be the person that you want to be.