This book will help you to know more about blogging. (creative blogging: your first step to successful blog).

I started blogging almost a year ago, and I stooped the next year, because I wasn’t understanding what is really blogging, but this book helped me so much to get more into it.

If you decide to create a blog, I’m sure that it’s the book you need, you will find all the information, before, during and after the creation of your blog, step by step.

And if you already have a blog you are going to understand more how to design, choose colors, understand your blog menu, what kind of articles you wish post, it will be a brain storming for you to understand what you really want in your blog.

Also, about increasing traffic and visitor tracking, and what could help your personal/business blog, social network integration, HTML/CSS basics…

You can find here the chapter and the content that you will find in the book:

For more information about the book you can find my e-mail in “contact“.