Breath, ask yourself why you need this thing so bad, close your eyes, find an answer, it’s what i did, but instead finding answers. I am locked and lost in my feelings and time.

instead of finding answers, to my questions i was making opinions and decisions based on the feelings and thoughts of ”other people” (judgement), actually nobody is judging me, that was the voice in my head with all the negative ideas and bad experiences i had before.

Writing is my therapy, I need to express my feelings, I need the peace inside, this is my peace inside, I stopped because I was judging myself, it was only me trying to be perfect, because I’m seeing perfection everywhere, and i want to be part of it, perfection was everywhere, expect in me.

Let’s just breath again together, and ask ourselves why we need to change something, getting something, finding answers will help us to find the entire life. Life is challenges, let go what you don’t need, and challenge fear, ego, comfort zone, let’s get answers to our questions.

I’m Hana and i’m sharing my ”no experience in life”


Before you go you have a link to download, a guide that will help you to understand change (french version):

La conscience de changer ” vivez les changements en conscience” Patrice Fosset

Also, an interesting article about Change:

13 Things You Need To Be Willing To Lose If You Really Want To Change Your Life For The Better

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