One of the things that used to destroyed me, was been rejected all the time, it always make me feel like I’m useless and I have no Skills.

The truth of been not accepted in some periods of my life has affected on my personality development.

I become a shy person, and I could not talk in public or express myself, because i used to have the idea that I’m a person without any skills.

Working on knowing myself better and reading about others experiences helped me to improve my self-esteem.

in every success story there is rejection, and lot people who don’t believe in that person but he/she keep believing in his idea (dream) until he/she make it true.

I’ve learned a life lesson, been not accepted in whatever, means actually that there is maybe something in the way you are making things 90% of people can’t rejecte you for no reason there is nothing personal, it means that there is something wrong with the way you doing it.

I know that it’s hard sometimes and it can lead to depression, we are human beings and for developing our personality we needs to improve the feeling of generativity as Erikson psychologist and psychoanalyst (1958, 1963) mention in his theory, to get results we have to build a healthy personality first we have to improve 8 stages of personality development in every period of our lives, generativity is the feeling that we improve when we are useful and we give something to the next generation and to the society and it’s one of the steps of the personality development or we’re getting into stagnation.

More details about Erikson’s theory

I know that most of us want to left something good after his life somethings that make others always remind him.

P.s: Raising good kids. Can be a part of improving our generativity.

If you are rejected don’t think that is the end of the world, think that you need to work more on yourself, you need to improve your skills and get more informations about what you want to achieve you are the reason why you are not moving forward, understand why you are in this situation first and what you must do and let the time lead you after.

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