Let’s say you are in front of two doors, the first one is leading to money and power in condition to spend all your life without love of family, the second one you will get all the love that you want and you will live happy forever after, what is your choice? And what is the decision that you are ready to make?

If everyone take this seriously and give it 20 second to think about what is the choice that he/she should make, I’m sure that some of you will pick the first door and others the second one, and they are who could be stuck between both choices and don’t make any decision.

Or maybe this example won’t interest you, but decisions are part of our lives because we chose how to be and what we decided to be now is a result of many choices, also sometimes we stand in front of a problem and to get it over it we need to decide.

What does decision-making means?

Is cognitive process which means a mental or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought. Experience and sense.

Experience: It’s when we use all our brain information for making a good decision.

Sense: is the opposite, it’s when we count on our feelings and heart to deciding.

For good choices and to decide we need information without ignoring the way we feel about them because the logic of taking a choice is gathering the brain and the heart.

I know that I talked only about brain and heart and I forgot about not deciding and keep watching because we are afraid of the unknown, in this case all I want to say is

‘’Results of not deciding are worse than making the worst decision”.

To avoid the worst decision and finding the right choices we need to be smart and find the problem because before looking for the choices we need to be able to analyze the problem first.

Besides being able to evaluate all the choices and have the capacity to pick the best one.

At the end no matter what is the choice you will make remember there is no good or bad decision, there is what you are believing on and what you thinking of and it can’t be 100% right or 100% wrong, also making a decision can’t be the end of everything and happy life after, after making that step you will need to be sure and careful because life is full of choices and we always need to decide to continue.

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