Passion has no generation.

One of the best things which happened to me these days is meeting an old man named jean GabrielHe’s 80 years old or even more, one of the things that I love in jean Gabriel is that he never gives up he’s passion. and he still making he’s dreams comes true.Jean is a lucky man he had the chance to travel the world when he was very young I’m sharing he’s story because he is the real example for the thing that you are doing with love is the thing that last for life.In he’s first trip in 1950 to Ibiza where the story began, by metting 4 beautiful ladies, he said that they had fun together and once he comes back to Paris he couldn’t forget their beautiful faces and he bought a camera and he went back to take a picture.Than jean Gabriel started he’s adventure traveling and taking pictures of beautiful ladies and beautiful places.Until he met a man who just got impressed by what he’s doing and the man said that he wants him to travel for him for an exhibition, it’s where her career started,I had the chance to see only three pictures of he’s pictures the first and the last and the best one that he took all he’s liveNow jean Gabriel can’t travel anymore it sound sad but I don’t see that because he didn’t gives up what he loves and he found a way to keep his spirit alive now he’s working on a book where he draws all he’s memories it’s been four years know where he started working on it, and trust me he tells very beautiful stories.Spending an hour in his room is infinity joy, I always feel joy in spending time with him and he has the pleasure to share he’s story he believes that the only thing he can do is sharing this goodness as he called it.If I’m sharing this today, it’s because I know the feeling abou doing things with heart, I know how is the feeling when we realize our biggest dreams, and I know that what we are doing today will be the only thing we keep when we aren’t able to do anythinh anymore, I believe that making dreams comes true today is sharing happiness tomorrow.Thank you jean Gabriel boucheaud.

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