8 March for life.

I never thought that i will be talking about an event like this one, i avoid talking about so many, but this one is bigger than me, I couldn’t stop myself.

women’s day is one of my messages, I want it to be everyday. Every women has the right to make the whole year her day, we have the right to be who we want,to dream big, and live the life that we want. and we have to love ourselves as women.

it’s true that my message is motivating people to find their voices, to think out of the box and never go back into it. What i’m trying to do here in “stayzenweb” is using my words (my passion) to share my good vibes i believe in what i’m doing, and i do it with love, and i want to see the passion in the eyes of everyone else.

As a women and a young mother, i know that it’s not easy to find who we are. With all the stress and the routine.

I have big dreams and i dont want them to stop right here, i dont want to let the routine drag me down it’s true that sometimes we have to go slow but we only have to believe that we are going to achieve it.

Naming my blog Stayzenweb wasn’t by coincidence. It’s something that means a lot to me, we all want to keep it zen, with all the stress. And to stay zen your life should have a meaning, and to have a meaning you should know who you are, and for knowing who you are you have to supercharge your life and make it productive, and the most important is to love yourself.

i’m writing this because i know so many women who think that they can’t live their lives as they want it, because of their family or children, they think of them as an obstacle. Or they can’t find time to do what they love, and what make them happy. Or simply they don’t know it yet. i know that the routine could kill us, and i know passion is bigger than routine.

like so many women in the world i wish

  • the discrimination to stop.
  • I wish the violence stop against girls and women.
  • i wish to see more women leads.
  • i wish every girl to get a very good education in the whole world

being a women is being powerful, and to be a super women you have to get inspired by other women i always being inspired by:

Oprah winfray: she’s one of the women who could talk to millions hearts around the world, with her way to see life, watching oprah on a Tv show is watching joy, gratitude and life love. I think it what every women need in this world.

Rim banna: she’s a palestinian singer, music writer. She faced breast cancer twice, and she used this to help women to get over their fear, and stop the depression which associate the cancer. When i listen to rim’s song i feel the love and the courage.

Malala yousafzai: a young pakistani girl who become an advocate for girls education. While she was threatened with death reading malala’s quote is feeling the power and the futur that we want to be.

Women’s day is only one day, and being a women is for life. i belive that there is no power compear to the women’s power, we are the daughter, the sister, mother and school to our children but i know that its time for every women in the whole world to get all her rights it’s not enough to just celebrate only the achievement of some women there are so many who need their rights.

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