Get it done (productive = successful)

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Bruce lee

Being busy could be doing nothing in real life. Only thinking about it. It may happens sometimes, and it’s totaly okay, we only have to back on track soon. Or when we try to impress others by showing how busy and successful we are, in this case you will get tired and fall down in few weeks.

being productive, is a way to be successful. The question is how?

That was the question that used to come to my head, and now i will share some answers.

    First thing, you have to learn to write everything comes to your head:

    when you hold a pen, your brain automatically is going to to find something to solve the situation. Getting used to write is having more creativity. I know that we are all diffirent some of us dont like to plan their lives they think that is just waste of time, and nobody knows what comes to our lives. But it’s not exactly planning, it’s a kind of filtering your ideas and make them clear to you. It’s kind of observation to your progress.

    ~ Some ways which going to let you plan to be productive.

    Using our phones as a planner is the best idea you can have. This time i will suggest a very helpful app to stay productive. If you are kind of person who doesn’t like using the bullet journal or to-do list:

    Google calender its very good if you want a reminder to your events or adding some personal goals. Beside there’s a lot option in this app too:

    To-do list is something that i don’t use usually. I think i dont need to set a to-do list for cleaning or something like this. It’s true that i need it sometimes when i try to do everything but i finish by doing nothing. It is very helping when i get lost sometimes, and it is helping if you want to start something.

    The third one is what I’m trying these days, it’s a planner where i note everything. my very small goals to see how I’m progressing it’s kind of handmade board, where i write every goal i done and at the end of the month i will see if i need to work on myself more or its okay. And i will share it with you for sure.

    But Success what does really mean?

    If you look for definition, you will absolutely find that success is an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

    it’s when you decide what to do with your life. And how you chose to deal with it. It’s when you know the way to be proud of yourself. and when you fix some personal goals and never stop until you get the result that you are looking for. It’s a life routine that turn to a habit with time

    It’s based on:

    Achievement: doing things with skill by effort and courage is to accomplish a task very well.

    Progressing : success is a result of actions, is an accomplishment of a serie of actions.

    Personal goals: are built targets that you want to reach.

    predetermination: success is not by coincidence, it takes lot of hard work and time, it’s when you go carefully and slowly.

    Being successful to me is when you know what you really want. When you love yourself and have faith in something. It’s not hard, it’s only take time but with love and faith, you can be the person that you want to be.

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