Book review

What i think of Ryan holiday’s book (The obstacle is the way).

The book started with an old story, when Marcus Aurilus the emperor of the roman empire set down to write for himself.

Our actions may be impeded…
But there can be no impeding our intentions or our dispositions. Because we can accommodate and adapt. The mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting.

This book based on the practice of stoicism, which means looking to our problems in a different way, and deal with life adversities. It’s about not stopping in a front of the problem, and learn how to face it, and make it on our way.IT’S A BOOK WHERE WE ARE GOING TO LEARN ABOUT HOW TO DEAL WITH FAILURE BY USING OUR MENTAL POWER.IN HE’S BOOK RYAN PROPOSED TO FOLLOW SOME PRECEPTS TO REVOLUTIONISE OUR LIVES,If we want to talk about STOICISM, we will say is the a way which we use our mental to keep the difficult moment strong. It’s when we don’t see problem in our life as problem, it’s when we see the obstacle in our way as a different opportunity, and not to quit. It’s a philosophy that held the principles of logical thought to reflect a cosmic reason instantiated in natureRyan holiday choose to deal with the obstacle in his book in three PART the first part:1_PERCEPTION: is how we see and understand what accros around us.2_ACTION: is a commonplace, it’s persistance and flexibility, the thing which define us, is acting with deliberation, boldness and persistence. It’s the solution and the cure to our predicament.3_WILL: is our internal power which never can be affected by the outside world, is what we depend on when agency has all but disappeared.What i think of this book?The book is an awesome reading. I never taught that i will be interested by this kind of books i mean business/psychology books, beside this reading is a real push to move on and start what ever you want to do with your life, or to face the thing that stop you.Also There is a lot of good example/stories of people who decided not to quit to their emotions.John D rockefeller who saved his money when a massive national financial crisis hit Cleveland. Watched what other did wrong and got rich in a recession.Ghandi played to his weaknesses and turned the British empire’s military against it an some other people who did not accept the depression…This book could help to recognise our weakness, and propose some ways to turn that weakness into greatness.It’s true that the book it’s only three part but it contain 32 chapter each chapter complete the other for exemple the first part start with Recognize your power and it end with prepare to act.The only thing that i could say, is this book is so good it’s only need to be read carefully, because there is lot of stories out there. Personally i needed time to get it because there’s a lot of lessons to learn and lot of technique to remember especially if you want to know your weakness to face life or want to start your own carrer there is a lot of thing that you need to learn about yourself in this book and lot of exemple who would help to make the obstacle your way.

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