“We want to do it all at once but we can’t”, Yes i’m talking about these peice of paper that we write full with 20 or 30 good resolutions for the new year

I didn’t write it this year and i wasn’t exited about it because i knew that i will wake up the first day in 2018 saying it’s just an other day.

Taking good resolutions is knowing the good ones for you, is knowing what do you really need into your life.

I know that we all added to our list that we have to start eating healthy this year and whenever we see a piece of cake in front of us we pretend that we never make that decision.

Taking good resolutions is knowing what you really need to feel your life perfect, what’s the desicion that will make the other desicions easy, let’t say that if you want to started a healthy lifestyle and you don’t wake up early it’s not going to work.

How to take good resolutions? or how to find the perfect promise to yourself:

~As i said before you have to pick the perfect goal/promise for you. The thing that you need into your life to be wonderful, and be serious about it. If you think that you have to start running every day before going to school or work, because you think that it will helpful to stay focus for the whole day and be productive, go for it, i know it will be tired but you have to keep it serious, I’m telling you a secret, our brain needs only 21 until 30 days to getting used to a new habit.

If you give up the first week don’t blame nobody, and dont come with excuses it’s your fault i know that it’s hard to take the challenge, and keep it. But it’s part of the challenge it’s a part of being honest to yourself and being serious.

~Find a good plan: for me, i used to try doing everything at once, i didn’t pay attention that it’s not going to work. That’s why i started by fixing three main goals every month, and i note these goals every end of the month. And see how I’m progressing .

~Use a reminder: I’m still using goal map, it’s best app for me until now. It has a lot of goals you only have to select the one for you, and it will remind and motivate you with some quotes everyday, beside there is a section where people change their experience and give advices. Check their website and you can find the links for the app

And if you really want to know more about the whole thing, I’m sharing with you guys this link. As you know I’m not a professional yet :

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