Find Your Place…

Passion is that strong emotion that you have for someone or something. it’s when you appreciate something, love it so hard and commit with it.

Some of us think that succes lead to passion, while the truth is that passion lead us to be successful. The secret is to find the thing that you were born to do, or simply find what are you good at and what you love to do. If you like to dance hit the floor or learn how to do it, if you love making food make a mess in your kitchen, and if you love writing match your pen with your imagination…

Beautiful things begin with admiration.

Find what you like be passion about it and make it your niche why not.

The best way to find your passion in life, is to notice those things that you are curious about, there is a small things in our lives that we never tried, but we love when we see others doing them and we wish to be good at these things. Let me explain it, let’s say that you are intrested by these pages of photography or guitar covers in youtube ect. and you think that you want to do this or you want to give it a chance, be serious about it, this could be your passion.

Beside, these things that we do in secret and we are afraid to show them to the world because we dont want to be judged for what we do, or afraid to not be liked these little things could be your passion, give them chance and show them to the world, it’s okay if they don’t get it.

New things could help you either to find your passion never stop trying.

Ask yourself about:

The only matters here, is to do what make you feel happy, i know that most of us live for their family and friends. to make them proud or don’t have time to find time to do what he/she want to do. busy by raising a children, or working, or studying… And sometimes we have to do what they want or they dont want us to do what we want. But when we love something we have to find a way fight for it. Never stop, be who you are until it comes true. 《You know passion when you fight for it》.

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