I can and i will.

HEY EVERYONE.this will be a short article because i lost my saturday’s writing and it’s been a long time.Well,I had internet problems last week, and a lazy brain and life issues. It is the reason why i had to re-inspire my life. And refresh my goals, you know we all have those days where our brains enjoy doing nothing.” The main idea of the blog is to threw motivation around. I know that everyone of us set goals to his life and most of us stop in the middle of the road, because things are going bad or getting tired. In every article we just try to put in our lines some hope and positive thoughts to refresh these goals and keep forward. By sharing our little tools”. For me being a dreamer and young mom is something which making me feel like having super power. I’m a mother of two years old son, and i have dreams so the results is taking my son with me to offecial meeting and having less time for my goals why i’m saying this i’m not complaining. But i want to share this because the luck didn’t stand by my side these days. And i’m not giving up. I’ll start again with a heart full of good vibes. i say good vibes like in every article i know😅. I really want you guys to know that failure doesn’t mean The end, movies end up with victory so life too. Dont stop walking keep going and good luck with your goals and dreams.This writing will be a part of re-inspire my life and get back one of my super power.

  • The first thing i did, was writing a letter to myself about how blessed i’m and how lucky to wake up every single morning breathing, and for how powerful i am for not giving up.
  • I set a second list with the same old goals, adding the question why i really want this and does it worth to fight for it.
  • I always start with small goals a friend recommended me to finish a book in a week like reading challenge and i’m into it.
  • Looking for inspiration, the best inspiration for me is reading oprah’s biography. And i’m reading it right now, and im in love with it.
  • I dont want to keep it so serious so i do fun things some times one of these things is trying to learn pencil drawing and its so relaxing.

I would like to say thank you to every one who check the blog you know watching you guys visiting my blog is warming my heart so thank you.

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