Loading some fresh air (trip to the moroccan saphir chefchaouen city)

Let us continue in the series of serenity and well being.
Sometimes we need to change the air and to be by ourselves to bring new ideas and plans to ourlives.

The routine, bottling and pollution … all these indicators can ruin your daily life and it will absolutely have to leave a margin for our wellbeing motivation and zen attitude.
We all have our way to feel better. spending hours in the gym or even doing  nothing sometimes can make you feel comfortable The most important is to privilege the fact of changing a little air and ideas it’s important for us.

What we are looking for here is the beauty of the soul getting out of daily stress, finding the best way to feel good about ourselves no matter how, what counts is to be happy.

The notion of joy is relative to each one of us.

In this article I will show you how I feel the joy. The bling bling parties, the fiesta, night clubs ..its where some of us find their happiness, when me none of these activities interests me, and it’s the reason why me and hana decide to create this blog.

During my leave, I chose to travel alone. you wonder why? There is no reason, it’s  only because  my happiness doesn’t depend on others. I can be alone and happy, yes it’s possible, just believe it. So I chose Chefchaouen as first destination the Moroccan sapphire. a city full of joy, positive vibes. The first impression is a peaceful mountain town but actually  its very active cultural and the artistique city  I did not prepare a well-defined program, I let myself be guided by my heart and do the things that will bring me joy. During the trip I met a Mexican, it was an opportunity for exchange of information, culture and especially experiences.And of course without forgetting my favorite cities: Tetouan and Martil, where I met some old friends.

It was an amazing expirience and its a pleasure to share it with you.


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