Zen attitude

Keep calm & meditate 

As human being our minds think of everthing in every single moment and sometimes the stress and the anxiety and pain ect controle us and our minds cant get over these toughts that’s why meditation is a daily practice which could help us to face these feelings and have some peace inside.

So meditation is a practice helping to incrase your awarness by relaxing your body in a good position quiting your mind by breathing and awaking the spirit by having some blank space inside for few minuts beside it has so many benifits like reducing depression and anxiety improve concentration makes you happier and even more it helps to normalize blood preasure

When you meditate you are awake but your mind is not focusing on what’s going on around for a while

here’s a link to know more about meditation meaning i’m not professional at this as i told you before i only share my little experience


For position and types of meditation they are so many you only have to find the best way and technique for you for me right now i practice the guided meditation in lotus position or “padmasana ” which means setting cross legs it’s easy after gettig used to it and here’s a little trick that i do i put a pillow behind my back to feel comfortable and staying relaxed during meditation

I can’t talk about meditation without talking about the chakra which is a great thing by the way i’m still learning about them it exist 7 chakra in our bodies and chakra means the energy’s centre they are located on the spine and they are invisible my goal is to reach them and i will talk about them in a new article.

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