Food ha¡ boring some of you will say this, i know, i know but we are food lovers and for me food its not only eating its an art its the world and good vibes too so today we will talk about how food can be part of our daily motivation and you will see how food is cool.

I used to be a lover of junk and fast food and i also used to take 4 meals at once and i could taste everything in the fridge in one day But i was lazy most of time and it wasn’t helping me at all everyday i wake up i just say i will take anything just to not feel hungry or any thing because i’m late that’s way today we will talk about having good eating habits.

If you want a fresh morning start from the night before that’s why you have to put some fruits and a cup of water before yo go to bed to start your morning with eating a fruit after waking up is motivating and its also good to start a good day every time i do it feel proud of myself and want to do more good stuff for the rest of the day.
After that its better to take a nice breakfast because you will feel hungry in few minuts for sure one of my best breakfast are these banana oat pancakes and it helps to not feel hungry untill lunch and its yummy too.

Moving to lunch and dinner there are so many ideas to enjoy your meal like adding some spicy flavors or bring the world to your kitchen and the most important is to have a balanced dish in every meal

you can also try good combinisation of what you love food has no rules and no limites be creative and make your own recipie make combinisations with things you love.

Right now you have to think about your eating habits and i’m sure that you can do it very well to be successful start with little things like this and have some good news for you guys we decided to share ideas about homemade and healthy food also easy yummi ideas for your lunchbox if you want to stop the junk food stay tuned every monday and i hope you like it.

Eating is a need enjoying is an art.

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