Improve your life quality 

We all wish to have happy and healthy life full of love and peace and everyday we wake up we do our best to realise these things so today we will give you 10 tips which could help you to improve your life’s quality .

  1. Set your goals: knowning what we want is one of the important thing for raising our lives but we always forget to correct those little mistakes which we are making in the present for example when we decide to wake up early without getting to bad early too like this things will go wrong.
  2. Do new activites: when i say new it doesn’t mean expensive to make you happy it can be learning a new art or start to eat clean or have new friends save a few cents every week to give to a homeless or anything could make you proud of yourself is going to make you happy.
  3. Get to know your negative points: we are not so proud of those negative points and we keep hiding them from the world its time to erase them by putting some good habits.
  4. Its all about you: if you wait the world to be a part of your life your life wont be better there’s only you forget the outside and focus on the one inside you.
  5. Move on: Practice some yoga or exercise or meditate improve your body and mind and soul and you will be much happier
  6. Past,Present or futur: if you are one of those who keep attached to their past stop doing it and if you think so mush about your futur you are wasting your time and if you live only the moment without taking care about past our futur that’s not working too have a combinisation between these three learn from the past live the present for a good futur.
  7. Improving your contribution skills is a part of improving your life: A smile or few cents or giving a hand to an old man/women say hey to your neighber wishing the best to your familly and friends could make your life better stop being rude and show up your bright side.
  8. Life is better when your sun is rising : for me even the negative things has a positive part always look for positive and keep your good vibes when you train yourself to see the rainbow after rain you will have a good life.
  9. Take care of yourself: love yourself and you will have a life full of love.
  10. Forgive and forget: when you forgive you let things go when you forget you move on and when you keep it inside you live with so much pain.

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