Fear does not stop death, it stops life.

My last article ended with find a partner to keep motivation because being in a team will be easy to keep forward, So i’m in a team right now and i will work on this blog with my partner if there’s “two broke girls” who try to be rich we are the “two blog girls” and we’ll share our ideas and threw happiness and motivation all around.

Get to know us: We may have a difirent lifestyle but we belive that we are the ones who decide to be happy or not and we share the same large dose of energy and motivation for

Me: it’s all our heads all we need is to reach it and let it rock in real life.

Her: travel everyday in her mind to find happiness…

Those quotes we wrote them on our instagram and they are a part of what we belive.

I’m speaking too much i supposed to talk about fear but if i didnt face my fear i wouldnt find a partner or create this blog and share it with you and i would like to thanks you and i want to say thank you to the ones who find that i should keep on it and never give up on this.

Back to fear it has two meaning run away or face something to make it real

For me i was running from what i want i was scared of small things like official calls everytime i have to make one of these calls i get nervous and every time i give them an adress which doesn’t exist or saying my last name instead of my first and everytime i have to make these calls i just say ok its not important or i dont need to do this or i can do it tomorrow but i dont and i forget about it

Fear can be small things which block us everytime to move on and make the next step or it can be a big things like not moving because you are scared of the unknown but its still the wall the box where you lock yourself.

The first thing i realized dont get nervous about things if you are sure that its what you want just do it without thinking about the judgements and think only about positive results do it because you want to do it.

When you get scared about something avoid saying no i’m not capable to move on and make the first step and never mind if you lose being a big winner is learning from your fails dont give up be a fighter and have faith that’s the secret

Learn more about what you want to do improve yourself belive on yourself and dont forget hard work reduce the fear if you are not doing those things you dont have the right to say i’m scared

Here are some techniques to get over the fear is part of succes so dont use it as a block.

  • Take a deep breath
  • Meditate
  • Think out your comfort zone
  • Get motivate about what you want to do.

Finally i want to say that fear is part of succes when you dont exaggerate and make it difficulte.

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