My demons (old bad habits) are haunting me.

In few days i start to go back to the old habits and my mind start to be lazy again enjoying doing nothing then i start telling  myself okay dont waste your time to write articles nobody is reading but i promised myself to post an article every saturday i have to keep my promise and i love writing and sharing my little experience with the world which is important to me i’m trying so hard to not to let this just go and back to the old habits and i want to share with you guys some of my tools:

♡ Wake up every morning like is the first    day where you start to change.

♡Make a list with your goals and stick it      where you can see it.

♡Our selfphones are part of our lives    make your phone one of your tools to  make the change. And i suggest two  applications:

♡Meditation:meditation is one of the best  things which going to help you to focus  and keep your energy positive and this  app helped  me to learn the basics to  meditate  Zenfie

♡Listen to music with good messages or  natural music and avoid the sad music  and sia’s songs are very helping for feeling  the energy especially Unstoppable for me it works

♡Read books about self developement in  this periode i’m reading you are a badass  how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awsome life by jen senciro and the only thing i could say about this  book is a treasure

♡Find a partner find a friend for  challenges or a groupe trust me its more  easy when you’re in a team.

That’s it those thing are helping me for keeping forward i hope that i helped and let’s kill the demon.

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