threw good vibes around like confetti to reach your goals.

I know it seems impossible to stay positive the whole time but impossible means that you didn’t leave your comfort zone yet i’m not saying that we dont have the right to be mad or sad only dont be a victime of our sadness and madness.

I was a gloomy and negative person and life had no meaning to me i was in stade where life meant to me eating sleeping and doing it again i was one of those person who think that busy means productive i had goals too busy to make goals for myself but i’m not moving to do any of them waiting the train which never comes and waiting kills the enthusiasm and give the negative vibes the chance to turn all over our heads until the day i asked myself whats wrong why i’m not moving like others do.

And here what i just figured out:

  1. I’m not giving myself a chance to see the bright side of me.
  2. I’m waiting for the right time to come (things dont come to us btw)
  3. I dont have positive vision.

We waste our time everyday by locking ourselves in a box of glass watching our dreams faded without doing anything.

I was lucky because i was believing that its never too late and i can save myself from this cercle.

The first thing which helped me to move on and make the first step was appreciate myself

《When we are unable to love and appreciate ourselves and our efforts we run away from our mistakes and failures rather than learning from them》Meridith L. Young-sowers.

When you appreciate yourself things got clear in your head when you meet your soul-self and everything becomes easy you will be more confidente and aware of your choices

Keep your motivation high:

getting motivated means《Brain wash》to delete all the negative ideas in your head take a pen and set a list of your goals and find the new person you want to be make the difference. Never understimate your power and avoid these expressions (no, i can’t do it) or (it’s easy to do but…)

See life positively:

Life will be easy if you train your mind to be positive in every situation little things could make you happy being alive is a gift and being healthy is happiness take care and love yourself

Find yourself:

Every single person is born is with unique and valuables gifts to share with the world once we figured out what ours are, and decide to live our lives putting them to use, that’s when and only when the real party beings》Jen senciro

Finally, keep throwing your goodness around be positive find what you gifted start with little things move on slowely and make the first step carefully belive in yourself and make sure that you can do it.

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