I used to be prisoner of my comfort zone 

I have a life like everyone else, doing the same things everyday. okay, life is like this nothing impressing. beside i had dreams that i want to be true. ugh, dreams will never come true. i’m 23 years old, just done my studies as a nurse and i’m a mom. and i will find a job to broke my everyday’s routine. i got some weight, that’s normal after pregnancy. And life is like this i can’t change anything. That was my awful comfort zone talking.

What is the comfort zone by the way? 《 a situation in which you feel comfortable and in which your ability and determination are not being tested

i tried to lose weight many times, and i failed because i was doing it wrong. This time the luck stand by my side, i found a the right way to lose it and getting very motivate about it I can do it and that made sense to me. I was thinking if did this i could do more. But i didnt know what could i do i’m still the person who stoped dreaming, and there is no mountain to climb for me. I was thinking that i did everything in my life. Trust me i was feeling like the early man who just discovred fire for the first time. I asked myself many questions is this what i really want to be? What i really love to do? And how to find interesting things to do? The answers at the beginig were copining somebody else, but i dont want to be fake. It’s about being me. I started to do things that i love to do like listning to the music that i love, and changing small things like being more organized & trying to wake up early. And learn new things, guess what? I’m out of my c.z. I know what i want, and i’m sure that i’m walking the right line to get it.
And this blog, is a part of what i really want. I will post an article every saturday to keep my motivation, and motivat others and i promise to be honest with you guys.
Finally, i would like to say find your comfort zone and run away from it.

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